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“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” Matthew 6:33.

Postcrossing July 14, 2008

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The girls and I participate in a worldwide postcard sharing project.  Basically, we mail cards all over the world and people mail us cards, too!  We love to check the mailbox and find cards from Japan, Findland, England, Germany and Asia to name a few. I learned about the postcrossing project from another family activity we love called geocaching.  We do like boardgames, but sometimes- they get boring and well, we like to be outside.  Besides, we love to do fun things to do that are practically free.  It cost us over $50 to go to the movies this weekend!  So, back to postcrossing…  check it out and ask me if you have any questions!


Our Summer Vacation July 9, 2008

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Visit our pictures at the Kodak Gallery


What she lives for… May 2, 2008

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Well, Ballerina is at her official last hurrah of middle school, “8th Grade Day”- which is a carnival of sorts for the upcoming Freshman class of 2012.  Think “Grease” without the Pink Ladies and the T-Birds and hopefully tight leather pants ;). I am having flash backs of her first day of Kindergarten in her blue dress with ABC’s across the front, matching hairbow and socks and of course all four front teeth missing.  I remember helping her with her first Kindergarten essays before she could write simple things like I love Mommy and This is my Cat… which of course included wonderful stick drawings, complete with purple eyelashes.  Now, she doesn’t need any help with her writing and has become an accomplished writer, winning all kind of literary awards and competetions.  This morning, before she left for school, she asked me to print out her latest essay b/c the printer was acting up.  I am so grateful to have the blessing of being Ballerina’s Mom! 




What I Live For

By: “Ballerina”


          If someone came up to me and asked “What do you live for”, I would have to think about it. Now, I realize that if I have to think about what I live for, then I must not be living my whole life for our Savior. Most likely, my answer to a question like that would be dance, or some other worldly activity. I find myself wanting to say I live completely, entirely, 100% for Jesus, but that’s not always what comes to mind first. As I think about all the gifts God has given me and the loving friends and family I have, I understand how great God truly is. When I think of how undeserving I am that Christ died for me, it puts me to shame that I have to ponder the thought of what I live for.


            I gave my life to Christ many years ago. But as I think of how I’ve lived ever since then, I realize that I haven’t been living for Him completely. Nobody’s perfect, and we all mess up, but as Christians our job is to honor the heart of God. In 1 Peter 4:11 it says:

        “Whoever speaks is to do so as one who is speaking the utterances of God; whoever serves is to do so as one who is serving by the strength which God supplies; so that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ…”  


          I must understand that if I don’t live my life for the Lord, then the time I spend here on earth is wasted. I used to think the purpose of life was to be the best at everything, but now I know that the only purpose I should be living for is to bring honor and glory to God in all that I do! So now, if someone were to ask me what I live for I would be able to proudly say Jesus Christ!



Cow Cheese May 1, 2008

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OK, so Ladybug has the funniest names for different things in our day to day happenings.  For example, she calls string cheese “Cow Cheese” because it has a picture of a cow on the package (Kroger brand, Cow Pals).  So a normal request is, “Mommy, may I have a cow cheese”? Also- the individually wrapped cheese slices (the best for grilled cheese, even though it’s not really cheese) is called “Square Cheese”- duh, it’s in the shape of a square.  So, I thought I would post some funnies- I’d love to hear what your kids say!


“Lasterday”- Yesterday

“Twosday” – means Tuesday and of course, then comes “Threesday”, “Foursday” and “Fivesday”!

“Mon-night”- when it’s dark outside, but not Mon-day anymore.

“Sunny-nap” – when you take a nap during the day if the sun is out!

“Cubbies”- Ballerina started this one- mean covers as in blankets or a comforter/sleeping bag.

“Nummies” – her affectionate term for boobies, as in nursing- she is obsessed!

“Quiet Place”- this is where she wants to go when we are not practicing ScreamFree Parenting!

Fla-ming”glows”- what we call Flamingos, I mean they kind of glow- right?  Ladybug absolutely LOVES them!

“Wally”- okay this means Gatorade.  If you frequent Quick Trip then you know why.

and finally… we still don’t sing Mary had a little lamb quite right, she says… “Her flies ate wheat you know”!



Sweetest Card Ever April 29, 2008

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Well, David gave me the most perfect Birthday card. I was so moved that I wanted to share it with you… He is a very sweet husband! I thank the Lord for such a Godly husband. Even though we ain’t got money, I’m so in love with you, honey! 

Once there was this guy.  A nice guy, really.  And he met this girl.  An incredible girl-truly amazing.  So naturally the guy falls head over heels in love with her, and pretty soon they’re picking out china patterns and rings and there’s a wedding and the starry-eyed couple rides off into what will surely be a rosy future.


Okay, so now some time has passed and the guy is living in that future.  He’s still married to this girl, but now their life includes a lot of stuff- appliances and bills and loads of laundry and home repair projects.  But between all the to-dos and have-tos, there are the moments when the guy stops for a minute and looks around him.


He looks at his wife, who is still truly amazing, he looks at their life together, all the ways and different directions it’s grown, he looks at all the responsibilities he’s got, and he thinks to himself, so, this is my life.


And then he thinks, I am one helluva lucky guy.


I know that I am one helluva blessed girl!  Thanks to David for allowing me to post this card…  Hope his parts are in all the right places 😉





A New Beginning! April 23, 2008

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It’s official.  I am 33.  Thirty-something.  20-13 as David would say.  I always strive to start something meaningful on my birthday.  It’s much easier than New Year’s resolutions for me.  So, my something new this year is blogging.  I have to say that I have been lurking around for a while.   After all, I am busy enough without adding something else to my plate.  So, I came up with a list of…count ’em… 33 reasons in no particular order to start blogging:

1. Because I can!

2. My friends are all doing it!  Yeah, I have jumped off of a bridge before- OK?

3. I can do this in my PJs at 2 am or no PJs for that matter.

4. I love my laptop!

5. Michele made me do it.

6. I can share pictures of my girls with their computer savvy grandparents.

7. I can Praise the Lord in my blog!

8. I can share Blessings Unlimited in my blog.

9. My teenager thinks blogging is cool- it’s the Mom version of MySpace.

10. I LOVE my laptop!

11. I can catch up with my online girlfriends.

12. It doesn’t use cell phone minutes.

13. I can type whatever I want!

14. I can share a praise or prayer request quickly.

15. I might even get my pictures organized – 15 years worth.

16. Boo Sheep said I should do it.

17. Angie said I’d be good at it!

18. My kids are gorgeous and everyone wants to see them anyway.

19. It’s FREE!

20. Starbucks has wireless- SF Breve Mocha anyone?

21. I am learning something NEW!

22. I’m getting a head start on the future generation of bloggers.

23. I might just meet some cool new people.

24. I already know a few hip bloggers out there: Summer, Jodi and Elena.

25. It’s fun!  I am all about having the “most fun”. (Now, if anyone can tell me what movie that is from, I will buy you a Starbucks!)

26. I get to pick my own songs.

27. You will learn new things about me, maybe even surprising things!

28.  I don’t have to use white-out or an eraser.

29.  I LOVE my laptop!


31. I can share my knowledge of  Attachment Parenting Baby Signs  and  The Happiest Baby on the Block.

32. Compared to natural childbirth, parenting a teenager and a preschooler at the same time, walking 60 miles in the 3 Day and being married to the same man for 15 years… it’s EASY!

33. It’s My Birthday and I’ll Blog if I want to…


Ballerina’s Spring Performance April 19, 2008

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